22 June 2010

Exams are over, summer begins..

Hello beauties, hope you are all okay and enjoying the beautiful weather like me.

I'm currently sat outside, and I'm finding it really hard to see what I'm typing because of the sun, so excuse me if theres any spelling mistakes. I like to take advantage of the hot weather in England because as some of you know it's very unpredictable. I really do hope it's like this the whole of Summer though.

So you guessed right, I have now finished all of my GCSE exams. No more stress, no more revising and no more worries. Although, to be honest with you all I didn't really revise that much, I've really let myself down as I should of put 100% effort into every exam. Oh well, I guess you can't turn back time, you learn from your mistakes. I'm really dreading results day though in August.

As a reward for finishing my exams, my mam and dad ordered me some Lady Gaga heartbeats. If you didn't know they're headphones, and they're absolutley gorgeous, although they aren't everyones cup of tea, but I love them. I don't know when they will be getting delievered but I know I will definitely do a review on them on here. There's three different colours you can choose from, silver, red and black, I couldn't choose at first then I decided it was either the red or black I wanted. In the end I decided to go for the red. I can't wait for them to come.

Also, I've been looking for Military boots in shops, but they either don't have my size or I don't like them. I decided to look on Ebay to see if could can find a bargain, and some that I liked. I found these beauties..

I ordered the brown pair, and if I like them when they come, I think I'm going to order the black pair! They were only £24.99 including p&p, what a bargain. Which is much better than paying £65+ in shops such as River Island. Here's some celebrities which have been spotted wearing Military boots.

Christina Aguilera, Ferne Cotton, Rihanna (Robyn Fenty).

I'm going shopping tomorrow and Saturday, so I'll make sure I'll do a blog haul and show you all what I get.

Lots of love



  1. i love they boots and jus £24.99 it is a bargain lol hope there all ok wen theyr deliverd :)

  2. Thank you lovely, I know absolute bargain!
    I hope they look exactly like the picture, cos I love them!!! hehe. I shall let you know, I'll probably post a picture or two on here!! xxxx

  3. I want those headhphones now. :) Great post