17 June 2010

A Primark haul..

Hello sweethearts,

Today has been such a beautiful day, the sun was shining, so I decided to get out of bed this morning and go shopping. I found myself some lovely bargains from Primark, I'll show you now, I hope you enjoy.

1. Rings - £1.50, These rings really caught my eye because I love wearing a lot of them at once, here you get three silver diamond (not real) rings. The picture isn't really clear for you to see the rings in detail, but they really are gorgeous.

2. Charm Bracelet - £3.00 - I fell in love with this bracelet when I first saw it, I HAD to buy it. It's gorgeous. It's sort of like a links of london bracelet but gold. A few charms it has on it are a flower, a heart, a leaf, some pearls, and a butterfly.

3 - Butterfly ring - £2.00 - Oh my god, I saw it and was like I have to have that, so I put it in the basket. It's a gold ring with Turquiose and purple jewels, I love the colours as they're really bright and summery. I tried it on and it looks gorgeous. I have a thing for big rings.

1 - £6.00 reduced down to £3.00 - I remember picking this dress up quite a while ago and the woman at the till said "I wouldn't get it if I was you because it has a big rip down the back!" (How stupid, I didn't even realise!!) So I put it back. I then went into Primark today, and saw that it had been reduced down to £3.00, I couldn't miss out again, so I went and bought it. It's a navy blue colour with white dots and a black bottom. It looks like a top and a skirt, but really it's all in one, which is something I love about it. You can dress this up and down, depending on where you were going. If I was going out on a day trip and wore this I'd wear it with some tights and just some flat comfy shoes or maybe some boots, although if it was warm I'd change the tights for bare legs and boots/flats for sandals. I'd also team it with a few bangles and a ring, not too many though as I wouldn't want to over accesorize. I'd also take a black shoulder bag to carry around with me, to keep all my belongings. To turn it into a night look, I'd add a belt, wear some flattering heels and carry a black clutch bag with me. If it got a bit chilly on the night or even during the day, you could team it with a blazer or boyfriend jacket. You can get these from Primark the prices varying from £11-£15.

2 - £5.00 reduced down to £2.00 - This dress/top wouldn't of normally been something that caught my eye, as I found it a bit plain. Although when I searched my way through the sale rack I found it and for £2.00 you couldn't go wrong. After trying it on when I was home, I actually love it. It looks really cute with a belt where the waistline is to cover the ruffled bit, although you could leave it and wear it without a belt. This dress/top is a black and white number, It comes down past your elbows so I wouldn't suggest wearing it in the summer as you'll be rather warm in it, however this is England you never know what the weathers going to be like.

3 - £15.00 reduced down to £5.00 - I actually love this dress, it's so cute. I love the pattern on it too, which is rather florally and I love floral. I thought it would be a perfect outfit for college when I start in September. God knows, why I'm starting to look for college clothes this early. I should just relax, but I couldn't miss the opportunity. It also would look lovely during the day with a pair of tights or leggings and you could also wear it on a night out with heels if your feeling daring.

1 - £5.00 - I've recently bought around three playsuits from Primark and I love them. I just think they're so comfy and they're great for the summer. I found this blue and white one today which I had never seen before so I thought I'd buy it and add it to my collection. It kind of reminds me of them summer dresses you use to wear in primary school, do you remember what I'm talking about? You can also get it in pink and white, but I couldn't find my size. Boo. When I wear playsuits I normally wear them with gladiator sandals, however if I was going out or to a party I'd probably wear heels.

2 - £9.00 - It's summer, and maxi dresses are in. I've been looking in Primark lately and they haven't really had many in (which I like anyway) then today, I saw this. I had to get it. It's gorgeous. I love the colours, it's so bright and colourful. I tried it on when I got home, and it fits perfectly, the top part stays up and theres no need to worry about anything popping out or being on show during the day. Maxi dresses look great too with belts and sandals, so why not have a look in Primark as they have a gorgeous collection, so many to choose from.

3. - £7.50 - I have another two of these dresses, well not the same ones of course. I just think they're really cute for the summer, and they aren't too short so you can wear them without leggings/tights, and let the sun get at your legs. I mainly love this one because it's a floral pattern and I love the colours. These type of dresses look great with a pair of gladiator sandals or even wedges!!

Belt - £3.00 reduced down to £1.00 - I think this belt is really cute, and it'll go with some of my dresses I bought today.

Bags - Both £9.00 each - I absolutley adore these bags. Although I do love the tan one more than the black one. If you don't have a bag like this, I suggest you go down to Primark and purchase one, they're a bargain and gorgeous. I am thinking of using them for college in September, aswell as for during summertime.

Necklace - £1.50 - I love the type of necklaces which have writing on them, for instance this one has Love written on it, so it was a must have. It also has a little bow to make it more decorative, I think this is really cute, and I'll team it with other plain necklaces. I would say it sits up above your belly button, so it's not too long, and not too short, it's just right.

This is my first haul blog post, so I'm not quite sure if I'm doing it right, bare with me I will get better don't you worry.

Lots of love,xoxo


  1. oooh I love the tan bag ... i'll be needing to purchase one of those! xx

  2. Oh yes, I suggest you do buy one! It's gorgeous, I love it! Let me know if you do end up getting one sweetie. xx

  3. i got that love necklace i love it
    u got sum nice things ,esp the bags :)

  4. I love it iswell, it's so cute!
    Thank you, I love the bags, especially the tan one!

  5. OHHHH I am so jeal! I cannot WAIT to move to LONDON. ( Happening in November )

    I am going to be shopping my little heart out!

    Ms S xx

  6. I Love Primark, i just dont get there enough!!
    Some lovely buys you have there, specially the maxi dress!

  7. Love how you can get so much for your money in Primark :)

  8. Oooh I picked the tan bag up a few weeks ago, it's beautiful and SO big!

    I am now in love with that charm bracelet, gonna have to head off to Primark for a little rummage!

  9. I love the playsuit! I love playsuits all together, their really comfy and cute :) xxx

  10. @Yoli - I love it too.
    @Ms S - I wish I lived in London, such a good place to go shopping!! Have fun when you move over here honey!
    @ShoppingAddict - I love Primark too, one of my favourite places to shop. Thank you!!
    @3ate4 - I know it's great isn't it, everythings just so cheap!
    @Vicky - I know I absolutley adore the tan bag, I had t obuy it! You should have a good look at the Primark Jewellery range some of it's really lovely.
    @Fern - I agree with you there, I need more playsuits for the summer!! The more the merryier.